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Where's the Tea & Crumpets?

An Important Note About Staying at The Vandiver

With a beautiful outdoor Pavilion, Wedding Gazebo, Large Dining and Meeting Rooms, the Vandiver is a popular place for special events such as corporate retreats and weddings.

While we respect each guest’s privacy and do our best to ensure a wonderful experience every time you stay with us, it is important to note that on any given day, wedding music, guest conversations and laughter may be heard throughout the property. Most guests not associated with the events enjoy this joyous environment and they appreciate the fact that events end around 9PM.

Additionally, our outside porches and public spaces are usually closed at 10:00 PM and Vandiver works closely with each event to ensure that any after-party activity is off-site. If you have a specific desire or need regarding privacy or space during your stay, we strongly encourage you to call us (number is below) and let us know about your expectations and how we might help you achieve them.

So, if you consider yourself a traditional "B&B Person"
....we may not be "your cup of tea"  :-)

Most importantly, if the Vandiver is not the best fit for your needs, we’ll be more than happy to help you find alternate lodging that might be a better fit.  

Questions?  Please contact us at  / (410) 939-5200


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