make your gift certificate pretty

The Gift Certificate Ticket you receive is understandably not the prettiest thing out there.

- BUT -

You can print this MUCH prettier Cover that you can place the Gift Certificate Ticket in,

and customize it for your for your recipient.

Click on the below Icon

  1. A PDF will appear, Click on "Print", Upper right corner printer icon - it will look weird and upside down, don't worry, we've thought this through.

  2. Scroll down, Select "Double Sided: Flip Page Along Long Edge" (most printers default)

  3. Once printed, fold in half, complete the "To / From / Value" lines manually - and don't get cute with the value, the actual Gift Certificate Ticket will have the actual value - LOL!

  4. Fold the Gift Certificate Ticket you received via email in half and place it in the Cover.

  5. Place the Cover and the Gift Certificate Ticket in an envelope, stocking, new car, charcuterie board or anything else that will make the gift certificate even more awesome.

  6. Give to your recipient - super important - don't forget this part.

icon gift certificate cover.png