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Well Spoken (Biking the Upper Chesapeake from Havre de Grace)

Biking the Upper Chesapeake with from downtown Havre de Grace can be fun, exciting

and challenging. Some really important notes on road biking in the area:

  1. It's important to note that the downtown area, where the Vandiver resides, sits at the bottom of a considerable hill. At the top of that hill is the appropriately named area of "Level". The good news is that there is a Park 'n Ride located at the top of the hill from downtown near Rt. 155 and I-95. For many of these routes you can park and unload here to avoid the considerable climb out of town.

  2. Rt 155 is a part of many of these routes and will busy and larger road, it has a very large shoulder on both sides from the above-mentioned Park'n Ride almost to Churchville.

  3. Not a lot of food and beverage stops outside of downtown, of course, BUT Hopkins Farm Brewery on Rt 155 and Rider Lane is an oasis with awesome beers and great food trucks and you'll pass it on most of these rides.

Loop One: HdG - Susquehanna State Park - Bulle Rocke Loop. 25.5 Miles: Click Here

A challenging loop that takes up an out of downtown, over to Susquehanna State Park and back through the beautiful Bulle Rock Golf Course. The climb out of the state park is an aggressive 4 mile uphill.


Loop Two: HdG-Susquehanna State Park - Churchville Loop. 23 Miles: Click Here

Another challenging loop that can be made much easier by starting at the Park 'n Ride at Exit 89 (Rt 155 and I-95). Great views of the park, river, and farms.


Loop Three: Havre de Grace Cruiser Loop. 3.7 Mi. Click Here

This is a simple, fun loop through downtown Havre de Grace with Chesapeake Bay vistas, Victorians and downtown restaurants, shopping and pubs. Very walkable path as well.

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