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C'est la Vie French BiteNite

Aug 30th 5:30-8PM

(rescheduled from 8/16)


Board $16

 Vegetable Terrine, French Bread, Cornichons, Mustard, Petite Roquefort Wedge, Candied Pecans  



 Brie, Fresh Tomatoes, Grilled Zucchini, Pickled Carrots, Pistou Aioli  on a Baguette  $14 (Veggie)   $14

 Pate Spread, Fresh Tomatoes, Thinly Sliced Pork, Pickled Carrots, Brie,

Pistou Aioli on a Baguette (way not veggie)  $16

Bowl  $16

Coq Au Vin on Buttered Noodles  $14

Dessert $8

Creme Brulee


Walk-ins will be accommodated if possible, but

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended  - Click Here.

 No payment required to RSVP or Reserve.

For more about Bite Nite Click Here


Seating (important)

Summer & Fall will offer open seating in the Gardens and The Pavilion.  Once again, seating is shared and open, so if you see a seat is open, take it.... and get ready to make some new friends. 

Menus subject to changes based on supply chain, prevailing Trade Winds, Chef's general temperament and a whole rabbit hole of other stuff that you do NOT want  down.


Vandiver Inn

301  South Union Avenue

Havre de Grace, MD 20178

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