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BiteNite is a constantly changing small plates menu highlighting international cuisines and libations.  At a minimum, we will feature a Board, a Handheld, a Pasta & a Dessert).   You will be able to choose ANY OR ALL of the featured small plates. 


Walk-Ins will be accommodated if possible, but

Reservations are Highly Recommended - Click Here

No charge to make a reservation

 You read that right Bucko, BiteNite Menus change weekly - you'll be able to choose your small plates whenever you're here.  Kitchen is open from 5:30- 8:00 (BiteNite dates below) and we will nicely kick you out shortly before 9-ish (we love our neighbors and overnight guests as much as we love you).  

We expect the Boards, Handhelds & Bowls to be around $12-$17 each, with desserts being much less. However, given supply chain issues and a constantly changing menu,  we can't set prices until we set the menu - aaah.. the adventures of freshly prepared gourmet foods in today's supply chain - yay!  Dishes are designed for snacking and sharing - "BiteNite" - get it?  Those wishing to create a more robust dining experience may want to order more stuff.  You can order all or nothing from the menu...or just have a drink cuz, life is short and you need to smile, but please order something, we have bills, like BIG bills, to pay.


..also, we have cornhole and a huge jenga... so that's a thing.

For upcoming menus, click on the dates below


A little more about BiteNite menus

The House Board

For example, breads and homemade dips featuring the evening's selected culinary theme - -or maybe a smoked fish platter,- or anything else that might strike our fancy and goes with the spirit of the evening.


A hearty handheld item featuring the night's theme - think Lamb Gyro, Or maybe an Empanada, Sliders, Skewers, Hand Pie... etc.

Bowls, and then some

Each BiteNite will also feature a Bowl of somethin' yummy like a quick-fire pasta fresh prepared with an optional protein  hearty soups, chilis,.... well you get it.  

Happy Endings

A simple, lovely, homemade dessert celebrating the night's theme

Spirits in the Night

Each BiteNite will be complemented by wines, whiskeys, specialty drinks  and or/highlighting each night's theme. 


Dates & Themes:

Right now, BiteNite is mostly on Tuesdays, we hope to expand if you like us (if you really, really like us #SallyFields). 


Here's the current schedule click on the date for a tentative menu:


August 23 - South America

August 30 - Vive la France (Rescheduled from 8/16)

Seating (important)

Summer & Fall will offer open seating in the Gardens and The Pavilion.  Once again, seating is shared and open (based on how we think the world should be).  So if you see a seat is open, take it.... and get ready to make some new friends. 

Walk-Ins will be accommodated if possible, but

Reservations are Highly Recommended - Click Here

No charge to make a reservation


Vandiver Inn

301 s Union Avenue

Havre de Grace, MD 20178

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