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We are just lovin' the brews coming out of the AleCraft Kegs.  Please join us for a VERY SPECIAL pairing dinner to celebrate Oktoberfest.  Chef Susan and Chef Ken have worked hard to find that special nuance of these amazing beers!


The Pavilion at the Vandiver

Thursday Sept 23rd, 2021.

One Seating at 7PM

wine course and vegetarian options also available

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​eins: Oktoberfest

paired with Quick Pickled Cabbage, Apple and Potato Stuffed Knish, Oktoberfest Cheese Sauce


    Zwei:  Playoff Pumpkin Ale

paired with Crispy Pumpkin Spätzle, Brown Butter Sage Sauce, Homemade Duck Sausage, Rye Crumbles


Drei:  Mars Climax Orbiter (Barley Wine)

paired with Wild Boar Chops, Caraway Broccolini, Mashed Potato and Caramelized Onion Pancake, Barley Wine Reduction


Vier:  Dopplebach (last of the keg)

paired with German Cherry Custard Kuchen, Caramel Bourbon Sauce, Pecan Honeycomb

$59 per person!

Includes Dinner, Beer (or optional Wine Pairing) & Gratuity.

when you purchase your tickets:

you can tell us how many wine courses you'd like (instead of beer)!

and you can also tell us how many vegetarian options you'd like!

group seating - we're making some freunde


beers and menu items subject to change based on supply chain, general availability, chef's whims, prevailing jet stream... etc.